Valley Guitar School


The student will have the same teacher every lesson.

Your first lesson will comprise of an extra complimentary 15 minute block to discuss with students the genre of music each individual is interested in, what level of skill if any they currently have, assess whether the student knows how to read music etc..

Once this is established the first session can commence at the level the student is at for our teacher, Dodge Self to establish a feel for the student's abilities.

An individual learning program will be put together in preparation for the 2nd and subsequent lessons. No two students are the same that is why at Valley Guitar School we like to create the programs to suit the student individually.

What we expect from our students is that they will practice;

 learning then practising what has been learnt is the key to becoming a proficient guitar player.​

Acoustic Guitar

At Valley Guitar School you can be taught the Acoustic Guitar including;

- Individual strumming styles

- Finger picking technique's

- How to read music or play without the ability to read music


The things Valley Guitar School can teach you with the Electric Guitar include but are not limited to;

- Chords

- Scales

- Arpeggio's

- Two handed tapping

- Harmonic use